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Premium Açai | MISTAHT

Bringing Açai to Asia

Vitatrade is Thailand’s premier supplier of Açaí berry puree for smoothies and salads. The company sources their product from Brazil, selling it through affiliated restaurants across Bangkok and making it available for direct order through their e-shop. Vitatrade contacted us to help them with their branding and asked us to create a corporate identity for their new company. After several meetings with the client we had a clear direction and started working on their logotype, website and visuals to bring it all together, including a lifestyle and product photo shoot to cover their online and social media presence.

The Photo Shoot

In order to create a unified online presence for the client, we decided to produce a custom product and lifestyle photo shoot, as standard stock visuals wouldn’t have worked well for their website and we needed new material for clear product exposure and a streamlined visual experience.

After a brainstorming session with the team, we agreed on a lifestyle garden party themed photo shoot with a lively, happy atmosphere and models covering our main target audience (millennials and young, health-conscious parents). As the client is catering to both businesses and individual customers through direct orders on their website, we wanted to make sure that the images would be presented in an engaging, showing how easy and fun it is to make Açaí bowls at home – an activity for the whole family to enjoy.

The Project

For the location we organized a beautiful garden villa with private swimming pool in central Bangkok. After a few trips to Chatuchak weekend market we had all the props and outdoor decorations we needed to style the location and set it up as a summer garden party.

The next step was to cast the models, which we’ve done in-house, covering the following criteria:

– Active, health-conscious Mother (1x)
– Teenage Daughter (1x)
– Tweens (2x)
– Millenials / Sports Minded / Bohemian Youth (7x)

We aimed to create 50 images for the Vitatrade Website, Facebook and Instagram accounts which served consistent material for the client to post throughout the year.

The photo shoot was divided into smaller sub-sets including:

– Garden Party
– Pool Party
– Kitchen (Smoothie Preparation)
– Product Images

These sets were then split into group shots and individual shots with the product, single product shots and preparation images.

A Bohemian Rhapsody

It was great fun working with such a diverse and creative team. Even our young models didn’t fall short of the pro’s and did an excellent job. The entire shoot took us one full day, finishing just after sunset with all the images we needed and our bellies full with Açaí.