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Red Tape | MISTAHT

Red Tape

Red Tape is a premium footwear and lifestyle brand from India, with store locations across the globe including US, UK, France, Germany, West Asia and South Africa. The brand is known for their comfort, design and quality and I was hired to shoot product pictures for their new line of men’s running and casual sports shoes.

The Photo Shoot

For the product photography we hired a large studio space at Creatimage Studio in Phra Khanong, Bangkok. We had 9 pairs of shoes to cover and photograph, making use of a variety of backgrounds including plain black and white studio backdrops, as well as placing the products in the environment in and around the studio. There were many interesting textures and materials to play with, allowing us to create a unique product shot for each pair of shoes.

Post Production

The majority of images we shot on location and post production mostly consisted of cleaning up dust and spots on the product and background. Some of the images were also composited onto digital backgrounds or in front back-plates of separate walls and textures to add depth and a feeling of urban grunge to the images.